Thursday, 25 February 2010

The Power of Hair Pulling

What is it about hair pulling that is just so damn HOT? i honestly cannot get enough of it- i like it with sex, with foreplay, with blowjobs, with spanking and just to take me by surprise. It makes me feel immediately submissive and horny and wanted.

Last night D had to work and didn't get back till after my bedtime (just saying that makes me feel all little girl submissive hee hee) so i was in bed when He got in but i'd been wearing these knee high socks that i know D really likes so i kept them on when i got into bed and made sure i drew His attention to them when He came up (horny? moi?) - He pulled the covers off me so that i was exposed lying on my front, naked except for the socks. D put His fingers straight between my legs and took me by surprised by commenting that i was quite dry - this made me feel quite humiliated and thus even more horny- unusually for me it actually stunned me into silence and it took a little while until i could respond with 
"well it's Your own fault for not letting me touch myself" - oops, bratty!
Well, before i knew it He was on top of me crushing me down into the bed, rubbing His cock against my clit and i was not dry for very much longer as He started whispering into my ear what a slut and dirt whore i was.
"i bet your such a little whore that you fantasise about being taken by strangers, filled up with their cum"
ugh this is so HOT!
"but who would have thought that i find this little slut beautiful"
i am sooo His, so totally in His sexual thrall!

"i'm not going to let you have my cock in you so if you want to cum you'd better do it like this"
i groaned and begged but to no avail. He grabbed my hair. Hard. and i was totally lost.
"Cum now, bitch" and oh my i did.until i was totally spent. 
He rolled off me and told me to taste myself on Him so quick as i could i shuffled down the bed to take HIs cock in my mouth. As i sucked Him, He had me punch and slap against His balls and ass. i know He knows i don't like this so it made me feel even more submissive that He'd make me do it anyway so i tried to show Him my enthusiasm for pleasing Him and He ordered me not to swallow but to keep His cum in my mouth as He jerked off, Hitting my mouth with His hands as He did. When He'd cum He pushed me onto my back and had me hold the cum there while He played and tugged on my nipples before He let me swallow.

Needless to say this morning i feel calm, beautiful and so happily submissive!

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