Wednesday, 21 July 2010

the times they are a changing

Things have been crazy busy for us. i have been manically finishing the course in order to be qualified for the job i start in Sept. so D has been starting the transition to being s SAHD (stay at home Dad). It's weird, we've been so busy and stressed and tired that D/s has taken a back seat to put it mildly.
Probably because it was a new thing for us it just hasn't really held- is currently only visible in our sex life and even then it's no where near what it was- there'd definitely been no 'sceneing'..
i think i'm write in saying this isn't really what either of us want but there's so much to deal with right now and it just isn't at the top of the list. i am finding that i was starting to get used to the security that my submission (or D's dominance?) was offering me and i am really missing that particularly in the way things are quite unstable. i definintely think my behaviour (by which i mostly mean the way i behave toward D) has slipped- i'm not consciously challenging Him but with hindsight it certainly looks that way. i feel that our change of circumstances makes me need a firmer hand at home- i need to be able to let go into a secure 'framework' but so far the reality is making it very difficult to find the time to for either of us to work at this.
i don't really know how to start.

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