Wednesday, 21 July 2010

the times they are a changing

Things have been crazy busy for us. i have been manically finishing the course in order to be qualified for the job i start in Sept. so D has been starting the transition to being s SAHD (stay at home Dad). It's weird, we've been so busy and stressed and tired that D/s has taken a back seat to put it mildly.
Probably because it was a new thing for us it just hasn't really held- is currently only visible in our sex life and even then it's no where near what it was- there'd definitely been no 'sceneing'..
i think i'm write in saying this isn't really what either of us want but there's so much to deal with right now and it just isn't at the top of the list. i am finding that i was starting to get used to the security that my submission (or D's dominance?) was offering me and i am really missing that particularly in the way things are quite unstable. i definintely think my behaviour (by which i mostly mean the way i behave toward D) has slipped- i'm not consciously challenging Him but with hindsight it certainly looks that way. i feel that our change of circumstances makes me need a firmer hand at home- i need to be able to let go into a secure 'framework' but so far the reality is making it very difficult to find the time to for either of us to work at this.
i don't really know how to start.

Friday, 4 June 2010

An adjustment

The full orgasm denial just wasn't really working for us for various reasons. 
We're experimenting with a new thing:
Over breakfast we talk about what we've got on for our days, how busy we are etc.
At some time before He leaves for work, D then gives me a number which indicated how many times He wants me to orgasm for Him before He gets home. 
So if He wants me horny and gagging for it it's likely to be a big fat zero, quite often though it's one or two and He hasn't yet but i guess He could choose some ridiculously high number.

It makes so much difference to feel like i really am doing it for Him. i think it's  helping us get more in tune with each other too.

My number today? 2

Friday, 28 May 2010


Apologies for my tardiness in posting- things have been pretty hectic for us recently and with no immediate signs of changing. Our big news is that i got the job i went for this week. So i now need to complete my course before i'm due to start in Sept and then i will be the one going out to work while D stays at home with the kids (most of the time- He's still going to do some part time work).

So this is going to be a massive change for us and we've not even begun to process what it will mean for TTWD. We'll get there i'm sure but it all seems a bit overwhelming right now.

In other news... D is rewarding me for my interview success with a Hitach Magic Wand *jumps for joy*! ... am i going to come to regret this?

Thursday, 20 May 2010

the need for discipline

D is very reluctant about the idea of any real sort of discipline or correction or punishment or whatever you want to call it.
i feel like it's something i need to truly feel 'submitted' - like the fact of consequences actually make me feel more safe in being owned/controlled. i'm really struggling to explain myself properly to D though and He seems to interpret what i'm saying as asking for the actual punishment which is most definitely not what i mean. 

i'm wondering if anyone could help out with an explanation of why they feel they need this in their dynamic (to those of you who do)? Dom and sub views would be most welcome.

Please comment below and/or put up your own post on the topic - Thanks!!

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Lock Down.

as D mentioned in His post, we had a fall out yesterday morning. For me it came out of the blue, literally: i woke up to it. 

i don't believe in putting emotions on hold and (probably because i don't believe in it) i'm not very good at it. Throughout our relationship i've always been the one that's pushed to keep the lines of communication open, that's insisted on not going to bed on an argument, even when it's been difficult and D has been furious about it.

Yesterday He pretty much enforced the 'putting on hold', just wouldn't discuss it. And something in me seemed to just snap. i feel completely shut down. Cold. It's not good and kind of scary. i'm feeling very far away from D right now. i actually feel like it's made me feel slightly manic - i've got this very strong urge to just sack off all responsibility-take the kids somewhere exciting- who cares about dinner? Is this because i'm not feeling safe? i think it might be. 

Recently, D's seemed a lot more comfortably in control and i think we'd moved on a few steps (at HIs pace). i  have been feeling more 'submitted' and thus more vulnerable i guess, it's also seemed to bring out some pain slut tendencies. i think maybe it's scary for D? 

When He treats me the way He did yesterday though, that exposed trust feels like a very fragile thing. Unfortunately i think it's led to Fort Knox reinstating itself.

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

a very hard post to write

Things have been a bit crazy this week for me. i've stared at this page quite a few times but just can't seem to get the words together. 
Some quite small thing happened between us. It led to me feeling like i'd misplaced my trust. 

Suddenly  i was overwhelmed with (i guess previously repressed) insecurities. It seems i have deep seated concerned that i just don't matter enough to D. There's all this worry and i'm not totally sure where's it's really come from but it's leaving me immensely vulnerable. It's a scary place to be. 

i think maybe at first D didn't realise what was happening- i've never ever reacted quite like this before. He tried to deal with me by pushing forward. He used ropes and while He was tying me i started to feel safer, but as soon as He moved away from me (we've played before with kinda fake abandonment and i've found it v hot) this time i just started panicking. i mean really panicking. i managed to hold on enough to try and warn Him "yellow" but i couldn't explain and i think He thought i was just trying to top. So of course i reached "red" and pretty much lost it.  Part of my head knew i was being irrational- he was really less than two feet away from me for goodness sake but i just couldn't make that part take over and the rest of me was just like that girl in the car in Jurrasic Park
|"He left us, He left us" - and yes, for those of you jumping to that conclusion, i suspect this is related to childhood trauma. 
Turns out i have major abandomnment/ neglect issues and after years of repression they're suddenly very real and very raw. 

We've moved forward since then- really moved forward. But i'm still pretty damn overwhelmed. i feel so ...scared, basically. We've been together nearly 8 years and i'm still not confident that i matter to Him much, that i come particularly high in His thoughts or priorities. Silly huh? Fears deep seated enough to give me panic attacks as they rise to the surface.

This rawness is scary, but i feel an awareness of it deepening my submission. D has taken a new level of ownership maybe- and He's helping me through.

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

BDSM nudge nudge wink wink

We have a new game.

In a pet store.
Me: ooh look love that's a nice leash
Him: hmm yes I noticed that, nice dog bowl too.
Me: *eyes widen* thinks:  He wouldn't... would He?

Walking past a clothing store.
Me: you need a new belt don't You love?
Him: yes, I like that one with the metal studs
Me: *gulp*

In a kitchen store.
Me: This wooden spoon looks um useful
Him: I think we need a slotted spatula more.

You may have noticed by now that i am a complete and utter, foolish glutton for punishment.

Friday, 30 April 2010

Thank you so much to everyone who pitched in on the punishment issue. We've talked a lot over the last few days and i will write a proper response after the weekend but right now we're packing to go away for the weekend.
Happy Bank Holiday!

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

A Question

i have a question and would be really keen to hear what you have to say.

As you may have read before, D has restricted my ability to touch myself and give myself orgasm. i may not do this without permission. Also, on days that i can't wear my smart balls in the afternoon i am supposed to touch myself without reaching orgasm.

There's is a fair amount of tension between us about this for a couple of reasons. One is that i have failed a couple of time (please don't be mean, i'm new at this) and felt a fair amount of time feeling disappointed in myself for letting D down and guilty about  it but then D appeared to not be bothered and i haven't really received any correction (in the spirit of honesty He has talked about it when spanking me but only after i'd talked to Him about this). We are both in agreement that corporal  punishment is unlikely to work (at least right now) so i guess my question is if you are a sub then how does your Master react to this type of failure and if you are a Dom then how would you react- what am i doing wrong?

The other issue is that this restriction has totally ramped up my sex drive. i seem to be in a fairly constant state of subbie desire and i'm (again in the spirit of honesty, i don't like this about myself) feeling resentful that He's not taking any advantage of having me in this state so it kind of feels like the rule is hard to stick to under these circumstances. So here i guess my question is, if you are a sub then does this affect you the same way and does your Master make the most of it? and if you are a Dom then why do/would you use this restriction and how/would you take advantage of it?

Would be very interested to hear your opinions so please please comment!

Monday, 26 April 2010

a novel way to end an argument

Big Silly Row That Wasn't TM.
   Well it wasn't a row exactly. There wasn't something we were specifically disagreeing about. More like an overflow of emotions and insecurity and stress from both of us. Pushing each other's buttons. 

Getting through to the other side left us both drained and exhausted. But somehow we were talking, really talkling, finally breaking through from generalities to helpful specifics. We talked about the issues D has had around play. What he explained was, quite honestly, a pleasant surprise. i think i'd jumped to conclusions that His hesitance or reluctance was to do with making himself do something just because i wanted it. Last night He explained that actually it's that He's not yet feeling 'dominance' as part of our sex life. He's feeling 'kinkiness' and my submission, but my understanding of what He explained is that for Him  a large part of feeling this dominance is to do with being more focussed on me (as sub?) when we play and i think being more forward thinking - like in terms of my training and His development? i'm sorry if i'm not explaining this well, i'm trying to clarify my understanding of His thoughts - ooh i hope this won't get me in trouble.

My initial reaction, which may be bad, was a sense of relief. This is something we can work on together, this is not what i'd feared because if He it was the case that He just wasn't into it then that would have been the end of that really. This though is something we can look for solutions for and keep moving slowly forward. This also makes me feel so cared for by Him. He was seeing it as a crisis of confidence but i think it may actually be the most Domly thing He's said to date.  
i think He's found my enthusiasm a little intimidating also. i do have a tendency to take an idea and run with it and i like talking about things... a lot. 
i tried to explain that the biggest turn on for me is His desire. When He mentions something, i become super focussed on it- quite often with a mix of fascination and fear or intimidation. i used the example of how a couple of weeks ago, while we were having sex, He'd told me He was at some point going to fist me. The way He'd described it had made me feel INCREDIBLY submissive, all squirmy and wriggly and little, at the time and had firmly lodged itself in my mind and has been something i've kept coming back to. It's not something i would have become particularly focused on of my own accord though. 
When i explained this, D reacted in two ways that at first seemed to oppose each other. As His hands moving inside my pyjama trousers, He told me how intimidating He found it, that He knew nothing about these things we've discussed, He found the responsibility scary because He knew nothing about how to do them safely.
Squirming under His touch, i pointed out that i knew just as little but we always Had 'Mr Google' on hand. As His fingers began to dip inside me He created an amusing image of stopping mid-coitus to check online how to insert a buttplug. 
Starting to become breathless, i endeavoured to show Him that we already know enough to make first endeavours safe so long as we go slow and keep checking in with each other. 
   "well i think in the case of both butt plugs and fisting a lot of lube is going to be necessary. i think i'd be grateful in both instances if you went very slowly and gently..ugh... i guess i need to be relaxed...umm [squirming more and more] ...ahh... if at first we don't succeed...ummm... i mean... it doesn't matter if it doesn't work first time does ittt..err?"

Suddenly (or so it seemed to me in my distracted state) He's reaching for the lube. i can feel His well oiled fingers gently stretching me, testing my skin, pushing and retracting, at first i'm feeling calm, calm enough to explain that i need Him to keep talking, to relax me into it. As He starts to push further i can feel myself starting to feel a bit panicky, my daughter is only 1 and the feeling was disturbingly familiar whilst at the same very different. 
He stopped where He was, He calmed me, He showed me He wasn't going to give up just because it was hard for me. When i was calmer He began to move His hand again. i felt so exposed, so vulnerable, so submissive. i think around this time i began to lose the power of speech. The feeling of Him in me like that was extremely intense, maybe especially after the emotional turmoil of the evening. He told me how much He liked it, it felt amazing to hear that without having to ask, because i wouldn't have been able to ask anyway.
He began to play with my clit too, at first it was wonderful, it helped me relax and just feel. 
and then, suddenly, it was too much. i still couldn't talk but thankfully D seemed to just know, He slowly moved out while He kept up the pressure on my clit. i came almost immediately, i felt totally overwhelmed and consumed. 

Thursday, 22 April 2010

my blog as a word cloud

  I discovered the Wordle site on His rose's blog so thank you!

Monday, 19 April 2010


so i'm really struggling with the rules about masturbation and orgasms. i think there's a lot of things contributing to this. i've tried to compile a list to help me understand:

  •  i suffer from insommnia (at times chronic) and i have often used masturbation as a way of relaxing myself.
  • i have a high sex drive and i think that masturbating kinda helped me control this as since it's been restricted i'm feeling a lot more sexual frustration.
  • D's sex drive is (certainly in current practical terms) quite a bit lower than mine.
  • things are particularly stressful at the moment so i guess maybe i'm feeling the need for release more.
  • the times when i have failed and broken rules D doesn't really seem bothered - He's certainly not really done anything more than laugh at me.- this is true for touching myself without permission and cumming without permission both on my own and during sex/play.
so last night i was trying to be good and not touch myself in bed, we were both extremely tired but i just couldn't get to sleep and was finding it frustrating. D decided to try something new and had me loosely hold Him while He rested His hand over my mound and clit. 

Immediately i was on fire and desperate. He persisted, He told me i needed to learn to break the habit. i argued that breaking the habit was one thing but making it even harder for me to sleep was another. He stuck to His guns though and insisted that i would have to get used to it as He would do it every night this week.

i managed to bite my tongue and try to accept but the crazy pent up energy was still there so i was lying there trying to keep quiet whilst squirming and fidgeting to try to find a way to release a bit of the energy and be able to sleep.

He kept me like this for half an hour, He comforted me when i was nearly in tears, 

and then He made me cum and wouldn't let me stop...

already today though i feel out of control with it again *sigh* i wish i was better at it. 

Friday, 16 April 2010

Roles and Roles

There are some potentially big changes on the horizon in our everyday lives that would involve a massive shift in the way we  work. Put simply, it's become a possibility that i might become the 'breadwinner' for a time. Whilst i've always been the one with the clear ideas if the career i want, it's leaving me feeling confused and concerned about how it will affect our dynamic. Especially given it's relative newness. 
i'm having difficulty visualising coming home from work to D putting dinner on the table and still being able to feel like He's in control. But i KNOW that this is what i need now, and i suspect that work stresses will only make me need it more. 
Maybe D getting a bit more headspace will prove to be positive though, ..

It may not happen anyway. This is a confusing and stressful  time for us - D seems in a good place though and yesterday mentioned His intention to use TTWD to help us through- that feels like massive progress.

Monday, 12 April 2010

Brought in line

 i received my first 'real' punishment. i've been massively sleep deprived and not dealing well with things recently and i let it all come out at D focused on the frustration i've been feeling about not feeling much input from Him with TTWD.  To be honest i was pretty horrible and then i went off in a strop and fell asleep. 

After the children were in bed D spoke to me about my behaviour in a way He's not done before (thankfully i had the good sense not to try and argue back like i might have done in the past)  - it felt like a lecture and i quickly found myself feeling pretty humbled. He set me clear 'this is not acceptable-s' and expectations. 

The planned scenes for Sunday nights are now cancelled. This type of play will now only happen if i earn it and even then it depends on when D decides. i suspect this is going to be a very effective motivator for me, especially as my sex drive has always seemed higher than his. Oh and also He says there will def be no play until i've caught up on the ironing- drat, i've really been caught out on that one!

Bizarrely- even thinking about thiss makes me feel so much more ... secure. i feel like He really notices me and what i do. 
Cared for.

oh i nearly forgot to say... my punishment was that i was not allowed to touch Him in bed - even to cuddle. It was horrible, especially knowing that it left me unable to meet His needs. i think the very existence of the need for punishment, the guilt and the lectyre, was worse though. At least carrying out the punishment felt like an act of penitence so that i can be forward looking again.

Saturday, 10 April 2010

openness is next to godliness

The communication thing is ON! We are doing great at keeping things open between us right now. i even managed to not get stroppy when He decided He just wanted to veg in front of the TV rather than spank me last night! The way He talked to me so i knew exactly where He was at just felt so different to anything that's happened before- i was able to understand that it wasn't because He wasn't interested, or anything i'd done. He was just tired.

God i hope we can keep it like this!

Friday, 9 April 2010

uncharted territory and the power of faith

D used pegs on me for the first time this week.
 The idea had come up a few times recently.

On Monday, a bag appeared on the kitchen table. 
On Tuesday afternoon I finally caved and mentioned them.
"oh you noticed them huh." - that was the most i could get out of Him.

On Wednesday evening, we had a discussion about the frustrations i've been feeling lately. D had me right down as mmany thing as i could think of that He could do to make me feel 'dominated'. He said he was going to fold them up and pick one out everytime He felt i was antsy. - eek!

To 'focus me on my task' (i think i was babbling) He placed a clothes peg on the right side of my mouth.
When the speed of my writing started to slow, He ordered me to stand and undress. He began adding more pegs, one on my left shoulder, my right nipple, the left side near my belly button, my right labia, my left breast, my right hand by my thumb, my clit. i think He was deliberately making them asymmetrical, it left me feeling very off balance.

 He kept stepping back to admire His handiwork. i felt like i was blushing right down to my toes and i found it difficult to look at Him.When He spanked me it really took me by surprised, i jumped and cried out loud. He didn't seem to make any real response, i couldn't tell if He was enjoying Himself - the cold clinicalness was at once arousing me and stirring my anxieties about Him doing this just for me.  i could feel how aroused i was getting and as He removed them, i'm sure He could too. 

When He'd removed all the pegs He sat down and beckoned me to come suck HIs cock, and i eagerly complied. He pulled my hair back to stop me and instructed me to hold still, staring at His cock while He masturbated. When i went to close my mouth to swallow He slapped me and told me to 'keep it open'. 

HIs cum seemed to be everywhere, i could taste it in my mouth, i could feel it on my chin and dripping down onto my cushion. As He rubbed it around my face, i looked up in His eyes and i could see His dominance. 

Everyday i'm getting closer to believing that this really is what He wants now too

Tuesday, 6 April 2010


Sometimes it seems that some of the most effective things D does as a dominant actually involve Him doing nothing at all. 

Last night i was denied permission to touch myself in bed. i lay there feeling sooo horny, and frustrated, and embarrassed and very much under control.  

Having to ask permission feels so embarrassing. i both love it and hate it at the same time. It keeps that submissive feeling in my head - the side effect of this of course is that i find it incredibly arousing. i guess i'm finding that tough right now though because we've kinda agreed (mostly, D has decided in our interest) that the sex side of thing needs to be dampened down a little right now because we're handling so much that we're both utterly shattered. The irrefutable logic of this doesn't stop me fantasising about D randomly deciding He wants me tied up at His feet or presenting myself for His entertainment though. 

Hey, a girl can dream i right...?

Monday, 5 April 2010

New Beginnings

Firstly, i'd like to introduce Sir D's blog - i'd like to be able to take credit for persuading Him but i'm fairly sure that He doesn't do anything just because i say so -hee hee. Anyways, i hope you can find time to pop over and say hi!

We've had a great beginning to our 'fresh start' this weekend. We're both working harder at fitting things in to our 24/7 lives. On Sat we took the kids out for a daytrip. We held hands a lot, D gave occasional tugs to my hair, i drew His attention to a display of knee high socks with a cheeky grin on my face, He wiped it off by drawing my attention to a display of leather belts *gulp*

It feels fun again. 
Can't wait for Him to get Home- my thoughts are very focused on my Sir while He's at work today.

Friday, 2 April 2010

construction work

Recently real life has bitten in the backside in several ways. i think, because the cement of our D/s (or whatever you call it) foundations was still wet, it had kinda knocked the whole structure out of whack. Big chunks of the building started to fall down as the scaffolding fell away. 

Over the last three days we've managed to extend our contract and look at redigning the basic architectural design. We've had to remove some more parts of the building in order to re-align the foundations, but hopefully the new design will not be so easily knocked.

Some key elements of the new design: 
D recognises a need to be firmer with me.
i see that physical punishments are unlikely to work for us, particularly to begin with - we've discussed some alternatives.
D intends to commit to remaining open and not shut off from me.
i know that i must improve my attitude and remain respectful even when i feel D is not sticking to something - ie i must commit in the same way.
i have suggested the idea of finding a mentor for D, He has asked me to set up a blog for Him as i kind of first step to this - so watch this space.
we are both going to focus on regaining the fun and experimentation element as a priority - so i think we're very open to ideas and suggestions :)

The whole experience has been very draining but i do think we're in a better, more stable place than we were before. i am closer to really believing that D wants this just as much as i do - i am truly experiencing His commitment, His ownership and i hope we can keep it more consistent now.

Tuesday, 30 March 2010

losing the fight to win the war?

We've largely resolved the issues from the weekend. Communication is back up and running and D has expressed an understanding that i need to 'feel' His control, ie that He actually needs to act more on things we've discussed. Things are definitely improving.

i still seem to be FULL of attitude though. Everything He says i want to fight with - it's mostly coming out in a jokey, teasing kind of way but the sentiment is most definitely there to the extent that i'm finding it kind of shocking. i don't know what it is that's making me look for a fight. 

i suspect maybe it's linked with this need to actually 'feel it' from D - like i need to fight so i can lose? i feel like He puts up with a hell of a lot of attitude from me and i'm not exactly sure why- it's not making me respect Him, it's just making me dislike myself. Oh dear. At least i'm recognising it i guess, that has to be a first step.

Saturday, 27 March 2010


Sitting here alone. D has gone to bed in what basically amounts to a strop. i don't know what's wrong, i don't know why He's shut me out AGAIN but He has.
i'm feeling angry and betrayed. We talk and talk and talk about the ways we want to change things. About How we both want to use D/s to improve our communication as a key benefit. 

But when it comes down to it. When He's not happy about something. He still shuts me out. i can honestly say right now that i'd rather take any sort of punishment than this. Even if He told me that my punishment was not getting His attention- that would still feel different and at least i'd know WHY!!!!!!!!!

eek! sorry for the vent--- have been holding alot in this evening!

Friday, 26 March 2010


When i was at university, i directed the first edition of The Vagina Monologues that had happened there (remember i'm in the prudish UK hee hee). It was a truly wonderful experience but there was one bit i, to be honest, always had trouble with - here it is
OOH, OOH, U...
CUN, CUN... !
N..., N...
( together ) CUNT, CUNT, CUNT... !
Even thought i was directing this, and i really believed in the sentiment, i still had trouble with the word- the connotations were just too strong for me. i was not brought up like that. Ha.

Since starting TTWD my feelings about 'it' have transformed. BDSM or D/s or whatever you want to call it turns so many things on their heads. In the context of being submissive, derogatory terms like this suddenly are more potent BECAUSE they are derogatory. There's something about the taboo-ness in popular culture that seems to make them MORE appropriate. i guess it's the same as wearing a collar, or being made to crawl - the connotations in other contexts are bad, are negative, are full of loaded history but when it's used like this that history is used in a different way, for effect - the use of words is not really any different is it?
Somehow it makes the relationship exchange more special, deeper, because we both know what we mean, that we've transmuted the connotations from the accepted norm. If we know what we mean, then what does it matter if others don't 'get it'? They're always welcome to ask (respectfully) of course, and if they don't respect our answer then who's problem really is that?

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

When real life gets in the way... and it helps!

Last night i cried. During/Right at the end of having sex. Gotta love the joys of stress, exhaustion and new hormonal contraception. 
i've had a truly terrible week this week on the vanila front- but i think it's actually been a very good thing for TTWD. D has really picked up the reins and i feel like there's a more permanent base line to my submission. Would be nice if we can get through all the stress and difficulty to add some fun ontop of that base line now.

'this too shall pass'

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

subdue me

from my private diary today...

i want to be 'broken' - i want Him to subjugate me  to His will- to bring out my gentleness, my femininity, my beauty. 
i feel horrible when i behave like that-so aggressive and provocative- i just can't stop myself.  it's like my body's taken over and is crying out for Him to break down my barriers and allow my submissiveness to blossom and glow.
i wish my body knew a better/ nicer way of doing this.

Monday, 22 March 2010


D had to work late last night. i never manage to properly sleep when He's out so was dozing in bed when i heard Him come in. As i heard Him moving around downstairs and thought i heard the tv i relaxed enough to try to sleep. The next thing i knew He was in the room and i lifted my very heavy eyelids to see Him undressing and reaching down to the 'toybag' we keep under the bed. Before i could really register what was happening, He whipped the cover off me, ordered me onto my front and began to coat my ass in lube. He had difficulty at first and commented (with surprise i think) at how tight i was - i suspect i may be nearing the limit of how long i can distract Him from the plug idea - eek. 
While He was preparing me i really didn't want it: i was soo tired and sleepy and ached all over from over doing it with the gardening but as He entered me i suddenly was so hungry for Hiim and it felt good- i mean really good like i've not experienced before with anal and when He reached round to play with my clit and whispered that He felt like He was raping me i was in ecstasy. 
 You know the thing that's most stuck in my head though? He redressed me afterwards as i lay in my stupor- i honestly am not sure when He last did that, if ever- it made me feel so cared for!
i love being His!

Sunday, 21 March 2010

A sea change

sorry for not writing sooner- have been busy having a very full but extremely lovely weekend catching up with friends and gardening with D and the kids - yay!

Some things happened for us on Fri though that i wanted to write about. Fri is usually our scheduled 'maintenance meeting' but when i went to take the children to bed D looked like He was about to fall asleep in the chair within seconds so i was pretty much preparing myself for things to need to be delayed/ put on hold. 

So i was very surprised that when i came downstairs, D was writing in His journal and instructed me to go and get a candle to light on the coffee table.

He had me sit on the floor by the coffee table and watch the candle flame as He finished writing. He reached forward and placed a hair clip on my ear as He told me to 'focus'. It really hurt! As i tried to keep  quiet though ,so that i didn't distract Him, i began to accept the pain and be able to focus like He'd asked and i started to feel calmer i think. 
When He's finished writing, D came to the other side of the table and took off the clip. Boy does that burn but i'm starting to understand the meaning of 'good pain'.  
To be honest i can't even remember the detail of what D said but i know that it made me feel truly wonderfully reassured. He told me that He was beginning to recognise that He'd always wanted me this way - it was making me feel like He really wanted TTWD. 
He talked to me about how He wanted to make this work and i have come away from that conversation with a much clearer understanding of what He wants and His expectations of me. 
i even had the guts to explain that i was feeling that as much as i want the submission it is really hard for me because i am so feisty and i am so used to being in control. i guess i was basically asking Him to help 'break me in' hee hee.

i don't really feel like i'm doing this justice so i'm going to just say that it felt like a really beautiful moment. There has definitely a sea change here and i imagine i've yet to discover the full meaning of that
*shivers with anticipation*

Friday, 19 March 2010


We've discussed the issues we both were feeling about the effect of scheduled maintenance and scenes but D has decided that we're going to keep it like that. i think He's right because our lives are so busy at the mo that it would probably fall to the wayside otherwise. We're both going to try to be more focused the rest of the time and allow for more spontaneity. D is helping me learn that He doesn't have to be 'fair' or 'nice' or give me warning and i love it- it is really helping me feel more 'submitted'.

Maintenance meeting tonight though and i don't think i've been a very good girl this week- eek!

Thursday, 18 March 2010

all jumbled up

i've had to change contraception method recently and am currently in that delightful 'haywire hormones' phase as my body adjusts. It's making me feel things much more extremely i think and i had a really bad day with it yesterday. The issue that i've probably blown out of proportion is that even though we're definitely getting things back on track now it still feels like the D/s basically consists of a scheduled spanking on a friday, a scheduled scene on a sunday and the rest of the time we're completely vanilla in our interactions but i try (and often fail) to adhere to rules that D is actually not all that bothered about and wait on Him. i'm putting it a little baldly but this is  how it's felt - like all the little touches of dominance or submission we'd been offering each other had disappeared along with any added spontaneity to the more kinky sex and spanking. Where were all the 'just because I can' moments?
Somehow though, this ended up being a positive. i was able to explain how i was feeling to D in a calm and reasonably self-aware manner that made Him comment that He actually felt far more inclined to help me out and hear my concerns than He remembered feeling before. 
We were able to have a really nice evening with a small amount of kink thrown in for good measure hee hee! 

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Mother's Day Treats

sorry i've not written in a few days- real life has intervened in a big way - i started this on monday ...

i had an absolutely lovely Mother's Day yesterday (Sunday).
my lovely little boy made me a pasta necklace at his nursery and he brought me breakfast in bed ( it was a plum and a banana on a plate- he's only 3!) and then we all had cooked breakfast in bed together that D made and He let me sleep in first- i felt sooo spoiled!
Then we had a lovely family day out at the zoo and the sun even came out for us. It was absolutely beautiful and i spent the whole day feeling absolutely full of love for my little family and D and i both felt so much more relaxed than we have in weeks.

Before the evening, D and i had discussed the idea of using some discipline within a scene to look for a way to move on from all the negative emotions we've been struggling through the last few weeks. So when the kids were asleep He had me run Him a bath and explained that He was going to have me wash Him to wash away all the stress of the last week or so. He also had me please Him orally while He lay in the bath- He seemed to really enjoy  the sensation and i found the wet hair all straggling round my face made me feel surprisingly very submissive.

After the bath, D had me strip and He tied my wrists to my thighs and then blindfolded me. i think then He reminded me what we'd discussed about discipline and Had me stand against a wall where i had to hold up a rubber spatula He'd placed in my mouth against the wall while He talked to me about the way i'd behaved and what He now expected of me. Whenever i moved or the spatula slipped He would either spank me or spray me with v cold water. i remember Him commenting that the water seemed effective as an incentive but if i could talk i would have told Him that it the desire to please Him was FAR more effective- it felt kinda like desperation & sooooooooo good when i managed it.

After standing back to watch me for a while He moved me so that He could press my head down into the sofa as i knelt before it still blindfolded and tied and spanked me HARD with the spatula and wouldn't stopped until i was ready to beg. He entered me hard and fast, and it felt amazing. i think He's starting to train me to cum on command as He's started using a countdown- it's very effective in making me feel like He owns my orgasm.

so yeah... great Mother's Day all round!

Friday, 12 March 2010

Poorly Sick

i am reet poorly today. i feel absolutely rotten and have very little energy for being mummy or wife or subbie. This is really the first time since we've started TTWD that it's been me that has backed off and it seems to be giving D a chance to 'shine'  or maybe just find His feet without me tugging at the reigns. He's being wonderfully nurturing and making sure i look after myself properly- He's even offered to finish work early.Before, any of these thing would have led to Him feeling resentful but not expressing it. He's being so wonderful infact that it's making me feel guilty that i can't serve or service Him properly to show my appreciation.

Now i totally get the argument that i need to look after His property so i shouldn't feel guilty about resting and making sure i get better, it's more the self- pity that i have an issue with. i feel so sorry for myself that it's kinda .. preoccupying... i can see i'm losing my focus but can't muster the energy to do much about it.

Gah i hate being ill!

Thursday, 11 March 2010

breaking down

i had what i can only really describe as an anxiety attack last night. i think it was a culmination of a few things including the effect of the way D is dealing with some major work stress that has been rendering me submitting to a brick wall, some hormonal resettling from having had an IUS fitted, being slightly under the weather and it now being over a year since i had an unbroken night's sleep (ah the joys of parenting!). 
i've been so worried about D- and particularly the way He's been retreating from me as  a way of dealing with the stress. Last night though we had what felt like a major breakthrough- it's almost as though my body then knew that it needed to break down because as horrible as it was and weak as i feel now, D is back in charge. He's nurturing me and supporting me and i feel like He's 'there' again. If i was able to help Him and *us* then it was totally worth it. 

Feel kinda wiped now though.

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

discovering new bits of myself or How reading other blogs is affecting my life (in a good way)

In bed last night i expressed to D that i was feeling some resentment about the masturbation denial.  For a couple of reasons we're in the middle of two weeks where i can't use the k-balls so D is having me touch myself instead at the same time of day but i am not allowed to cum. i'm still not allowed to masturbate at all at any other time though. Even while we've had this 'mini- breakdown' i've stuck to this (with one small slip up) and i do like the concept of my orgasms becoming His and something i experience for His pleasure. The problem is though that due to houseguest, followed by "The Meltdown TM ", followed by a pressing work deadline for D, He's not exactly been making the most  of this ownership. 
We are both aware of my generally high sex drive and i had warned Him that i thought this denial would probably exacerbate it- so i guess neither of us was surprised by this pent up frustration really. i was taken off guard by His reaction though:
"ok You can masturbate but i want you to tell me what you're fantasising while you do it"

i don't think this is something i'd normally have an issue with, we've done similar stuff before infact, but this time it immediately brought up all the issues from "The Meltdown TM " and i felt very insecure. 
"fine i won't do it then".

Thankfully D didn't let me get away with that though and dealt with my issue firmly so that i couldn't find any excuses and i know my body was on D's side here too.

So i started by describing Discerning Dom's Post that i'd read yesterday and began to embellish upon it with D and i as the leading characters. As i was talking there was part of my brain saying
"What are you doing? This is about inspections, anal, buttplugs! These are so not things that arouse you!"

and another part answered:
"They do now, i know how much Sir enjoys it- nuff said"

and, quite frankly, my body didn't give a flying you-know-what, it was so hot and wet and ready to cum please!

"no, not yet"
As i bit back my surprise and desperately tried to hold on to my orgasm D began to talk as He rubbed himself over me. He described what He was seeing, How much He enjoyed keeping me on the edge and watching me bite my lip, buck my hips, breathe heavily, let out little moans. 

He made me wait an unbearably long time. i really felt i wasn't going to manage to say it heightened my focus is an understatement- all i could think about was holding it in for Him. 

When He finally thrust hard into  me and told me to cum i did- and HARD. It felt like it went on for ages like i couldn't stop...and then... when i thought i was spent, He pulled out and cam all over my stomach and breasts and rubbed it into me... and i came again. i've never had this kind if 'emotional orgasm' before and it felt incredible. D told me afterwards that He felt He saw part of me that had retreated kind of stretch out as He rubbed His cum into me and rejoin me. His description  and the way i felt made me think about Mouse's posts about 'the slave inside' and i definitely experienced the sensation of feeling like i couldn't get close enough to my Master.  

i slept better than i have in over two weeks - but gosh i feel so tired today. Guess my greedy body is craving more.

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

The submissive 'type'

ok i've managed to bore myself with my self-pitying posts so am going for something more upbeat today. 

Since we've started down this road, i keep looking back at things in a new light. Seeing new explanations for things so i thought i'd start a list. Is there such a thing as a submssive 'type'? Elements of our personalities that now with hindsight seem to be related to the fact that we're submissive? Here are my first thought, please feel very welcome to comment and add your own (although keep them nice eh?)

1. A very high, almost insatiable sex drive (maybe with extreme dips?).
2. Eager to please - inability to say 'NO'
3. Pre-discovery over defensiveness- like the submissive desire when repressed actually creates a control freak?
4. Desire to better oneself - i'm deliberately phrasing this as being distinct from low self-esteem.
5. 'researcher' - likes to be fully informed about anything they do- probably makes regular use of mr Google.

that's all I have so far. Can you add to it?

Monday, 8 March 2010


i'm feeling very, very low today. We had a big talk last night that brought out in the open some fairly big stuff. i know tha open, honestness if the talk was good but some of the content has left me feeling pretty wounded. i think it's going to take some time to work through but it does feel like at least we're actually working on it now.

One positive thing, i think, is that i was able to express that i felt that i was still having to drive everything in terms of D/s which makes it difficult to fully submit and also to really believe that it's what He wants. So we're going to change some things to try and help with that. The private journal that i write is no longer going to be addressed directly to D and He will no longer read it everyday but He can still read it whenever He wants. Also, i'm going to stop sending Him links to blog emtries from others or internet pages- to give Him space to explore on His own.
We used the analogy of driving last night. He said i needed to let Him drive but remember that it's a new route. i said that was fine but it felt like He expected the road to just start moving under Him. So now i have to trust Him to keep His foot on the accelerator.

It's hard at the moment- especially because of some of the other things that came out last night- but i am trying.

i guess we both just need some patience and effort.

Sunday, 7 March 2010

What a Week!

We have had a pretty horrendous week here! D has been suffering from the stress of some outside factors that have been making Him very low. Perfect timing for me to undergo an invasive and painful medical procedure. We were both pretty much unable to give each other the support we needed and it led to some pretty unpleasant rows and very hurt feelings. It's only today that i even feel able to write about it, having finally got past feeling so wounded.
i think we both became quite self-obsessed/ self-pitying and it was horrible, to be frank.

It is my belief that TTWD could help us in this kind of situation, and ultimately, it did as my bottom will attest. Yesterday morning D gave me a good, hard spanking to tears that brought my right out of myself again and i think helped Him feel back in control. i'd been asking for days though- He really struggles i think to reconcile the fear of hurting me - i'm wondering if anyone might have other suggestions from their experience for non-physical ways of dealing with these kinds of situations?

Thursday, 4 March 2010

yours sincerely, confused.

what do you do if He deals with something in a way that You feel is wrong and leaves you feeling hurt and rejected?

i ended up being sent to bed because of the way i was speaking last night. i can see that i was being disrespectful but i just felt so hurt and He seemed to be ignoring that.

We've still not resolved things and this morning i felt like i was just going through the motions of the rituals i observe over breakfast etc. 
i feel very hurt and confused. Part of me is obsessing over Him being 'in the wrong' and the hurt feeling are making my stubbornness come out.  The other part of me feels that i need to cede for the 'greater good' of what we are trying to do because otherwise i'm undermining Him. i don't know how to do this though. How do i let go of the hurt- in the past i guess i've always held onto it until He apologised and i decided He'd made up for it. i don't want it to be like that anymore but i don't know what else to do. Sending me to bed only made me feel more hurt and shut off from Him than the original issue had already done.

so confused.

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

How does no one know?

This is how i feel this morning! Today is really the first time i've experienced the 'morning after' effect from a hard enough spanking and it feels great! i feel  like a little girl with a naughty secret and everytime i sit down i'm reminded of my wonderful Master and the great sex we had afterwards.
Thank You Sir!

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

snippets from the weekend

#1 Having to keep very quiet as D decides He wants me facing Him while He takes me in the ass. Realising that D enjoys the pleasure/pain response He can see in me and that i feel embarrassed.

#2 D decided that i needed a new phone and i was able to resist the urge to argue and just let #him make the decisions in the shop.

#3 D pulling my hair - holding my head still while we watch tv.

#4 D instructing me to drop my pants and lean over the back of the sofa. As He masturbated over me He picked up a glass to 'roll' between my legs. His comments on His view had me dripping with need that STILL hasn't been met! 

#5 We've been grabbing moments of conversation in which it's becoming clear that we both are more interested in SM than i'd at first realised- i'm really getting a sense of D leading us in directions of His choosing- it's delicious and making it a lot easier to let go of control.

Finally a full evening of alone time tonight! Woo!

Monday, 1 March 2010

No Man's Land - ceding territory

D's father is still with us but i'm extremely happy to report that having a visitor is actually proving to be beneficial for us. Over the previous week we've discussed a lot about my pushiness. i came to a realisation that in a lot of areas of our relationship i was employing a 'see a need, fill a need' philosophy and kind of filling gaps, often by pushing D to do what i felt He needed to do.
i'm now making a conscious effort to step back, to welcome Him into no man's land and beyond, over into my boundaries and it feels great. i'm by no means perfect at it, but i'm getting better i think and D definitely seems to be enjoying the 'room to maneuver- and boy! is He maneuvering.
i'll post the juicy details tomorrow when we're back to our normal routine again.

Below is the post i left on our private blog on Friday though...
Now i am beating a retreat and welcome that You are hot on my heels. i relish in You marching through no man's land and breaking down my defences. i am preparing to submit my capital to You and learning to speak Your language. 
i bow to a new King and gracefully hand You my autonomy because i believe You are a worthy leader with a well earned victory on the near horizon.

this is a lion marking His territory )

Friday, 26 February 2010

preemptive strike!

This afternoon my father in law is coming to stay for 3/4 days (D's family are not great at nailing down details hee hee). Obviously this is going to affect our interaction quite a lot so, even though D was absolutely exhausted He gave me an early maintenance spanking  after having me put my k- balls in in front of Him (i found this ridiculously embarassing for some reason which He seemed to enjoy!). He's also been using the hair pulling to make sure i'm firmly in my place before the visit. He joked that He's going to regret confessing How much i love this!
Thank You Sir, i appreciate all this effort You make for me!!!

Thursday, 25 February 2010

The Power of Hair Pulling

What is it about hair pulling that is just so damn HOT? i honestly cannot get enough of it- i like it with sex, with foreplay, with blowjobs, with spanking and just to take me by surprise. It makes me feel immediately submissive and horny and wanted.

Last night D had to work and didn't get back till after my bedtime (just saying that makes me feel all little girl submissive hee hee) so i was in bed when He got in but i'd been wearing these knee high socks that i know D really likes so i kept them on when i got into bed and made sure i drew His attention to them when He came up (horny? moi?) - He pulled the covers off me so that i was exposed lying on my front, naked except for the socks. D put His fingers straight between my legs and took me by surprised by commenting that i was quite dry - this made me feel quite humiliated and thus even more horny- unusually for me it actually stunned me into silence and it took a little while until i could respond with 
"well it's Your own fault for not letting me touch myself" - oops, bratty!
Well, before i knew it He was on top of me crushing me down into the bed, rubbing His cock against my clit and i was not dry for very much longer as He started whispering into my ear what a slut and dirt whore i was.
"i bet your such a little whore that you fantasise about being taken by strangers, filled up with their cum"
ugh this is so HOT!
"but who would have thought that i find this little slut beautiful"
i am sooo His, so totally in His sexual thrall!

"i'm not going to let you have my cock in you so if you want to cum you'd better do it like this"
i groaned and begged but to no avail. He grabbed my hair. Hard. and i was totally lost.
"Cum now, bitch" and oh my i did.until i was totally spent. 
He rolled off me and told me to taste myself on Him so quick as i could i shuffled down the bed to take HIs cock in my mouth. As i sucked Him, He had me punch and slap against His balls and ass. i know He knows i don't like this so it made me feel even more submissive that He'd make me do it anyway so i tried to show Him my enthusiasm for pleasing Him and He ordered me not to swallow but to keep His cum in my mouth as He jerked off, Hitting my mouth with His hands as He did. When He'd cum He pushed me onto my back and had me hold the cum there while He played and tugged on my nipples before He let me swallow.

Needless to say this morning i feel calm, beautiful and so happily submissive!

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

submissive statement

i wrote this in our private journal today and liked the way it sounded so i thought i'd put it here too...

i am learning how to truly let myself be owned and controlled by You. i am trying to learn how not to push and this is probably the hardest thing for me- i am used to being the driving force, especially in our emotional and sex life. i am learning to trust You to set an appropriate pace. i am learning to accept that i have  expressed my desires and interests, 
You know that i am extremely aroused by humiliation, degradation and objectification both verbal and physical.You know that it works to keep me on my toes with a mixture of loving affection, strict controlling orders, respect and rough treatment. You know that i am interested in experimenting with bondage, sadomasochism, role play, toys etc. and very open to anything You want to try/do. You know my hard limits.

So now i need to know and accept that You'll use that knowledge however You see fit and it's not for me to decide. i am Yours to do with what You will Master. Always. Your s