Tuesday, 26 January 2010

my Rules- updated 26/1/10

 These are written addressed to D.


1. i need to complete household chores in a timely fashion- where possible before leaving the house to make sure i have time to ready myself for Your return in anyway You’d like.
2. On top of daily tasks(cleaning kitchen & sorting all washing) i should do one particular household task each day (dust & hoovering upstairs, dusting & hoovering downstairs, cleaning bathroom and at least on of the less regular tasks like cleaning the oven or washing sofa covers).
3. TV only on during the day for cartoons while i feed bubba- not to be used as background- this is also the time i should write my blogs and not use laptop at other times.
4. i am to prepare ‘stock take’ in time for our maintenance meeting.
5. On Friday evenings we will have a maintenance meeting which will include discussing the week past, looking ahead, writing a shopping list and me receiving a maintenance spanking.
6. i must make a daily entry into this blog- or seek permission if there's a reason why it might not be possible.- I should also maintain my public blog.
7. i must work 2-3 sessions a week on my course

1. On week days i am to get up at 7 and go to bed at 10.
2. i am to ensure we both take Juice Plus capsules daily.
3. i am to exercise with You on alternate mornings.
4. i must resist the sugary chocolate temptation when out & eat healthily instead.

Sex & Submission

1. i am to offer You oral sex daily- or seek permission if there's a reason why it might not be possible.
2. .All of my body is available for Your use at all times.
3. .i am to offer You a 'lingam & testicular massage' daily - or seek permission if there's a reason why it might not be possible.
4. During the colder weather i can wear clothes to bed
5. When the children are in bed i should present myself to You wearing only a shirt unless You specify otherwise.
6. Around other people i should if possible still sit at Your feet. If not then i should try to maintain physical contact or make sure my body is angles toward You
7. I must not orgasm without Your permission but I am still allowed to touch myself at the moment.


  1. Thank you for sharing these. I don't use any rules in my relationship with Jess but it has been something were discussing. I do like to read about the rules other bloggers have to see how it effects them.........Kara XOXOXO

  2. This post was fascinating. Thanks for sharing. :)

    I'm wondering about #6 under Sex & Submission, is that a common practice in D/s relationships? Just curious.

  3. Hi Heather! Glad you found me. To be honest i'm not sure hpw common this is. It was something we discussed because we have 2 young children and i, in particular, have a close family and lots of vanilla friends so we wanted to find a subtle way for D to still feel i'm focussed on Him in some way. The agreement is that i am trusted to do as much as appropriate really without it being something that others would pick up on.
    Hope that explains it?

  4. In response to heather ... I'm a Dom, and have been for many years, and always struggle with the gray area of treating a sub in a degrading way. In my opinion, having my sub sit at my feet is a little degrading to her, and I personally do not like to degrade her. I don't need degradation to feel dominant. In this case I would feel better if she were sitting next to me and our knees were touching. I do like her angled towards me, as that appears that she is being attentive to me. I feel the same way about me sleeping in bed and her on the floor. It's just not my style.