Friday, 16 April 2010

Roles and Roles

There are some potentially big changes on the horizon in our everyday lives that would involve a massive shift in the way we  work. Put simply, it's become a possibility that i might become the 'breadwinner' for a time. Whilst i've always been the one with the clear ideas if the career i want, it's leaving me feeling confused and concerned about how it will affect our dynamic. Especially given it's relative newness. 
i'm having difficulty visualising coming home from work to D putting dinner on the table and still being able to feel like He's in control. But i KNOW that this is what i need now, and i suspect that work stresses will only make me need it more. 
Maybe D getting a bit more headspace will prove to be positive though, ..

It may not happen anyway. This is a confusing and stressful  time for us - D seems in a good place though and yesterday mentioned His intention to use TTWD to help us through- that feels like massive progress.


  1. i know this will be a confusing time for you now that you're the breadwinner, but there are many examples of women who have a job where they are in charge. Yet when they go home, they are subs who submit to the man in their life and do what they're told. So, hopefully, you can work it out.

    I like to pose questions on my blog so I'll ask other women if they're breadwinners and yet are subs at home and how they deal with it. You might want to check it out in a couple of days. Good luck in dealing with this new dynamic in your life. As you said, with the stress at work, you may have a greater need to submit at home.


  2. I would like to think that whereever I sit, there the head of the table would be. Maybe it would take me time to adjust to the changes but my hope (and expectation) would be even if SHE brought home the bacon, I would still "fry" it (and every other thing that "frying" entails). "Chin up" (and bottom too), this will work out.

  3. If you are anything like me, you will learn to transition. It will be harder at first and there will be glitches, but in time, with practice the seemingly different parts of you can become almost seamless. In the end I have quite enjoyed developing different sides of me, and have felt it enriching for me and for us. Good luck! Sara

  4. FD: Thanks for the blog post! i know we will make it work. It's not even definite yet though...

    BabyMan: Thanks for your kind words- so glad you found me. i think you're right that it's just a question of 'changing the table's angle'.

    Sara: i think transition is the right word. Just going to be yet another learning curve- feel like i'm justifying the name of my blog though!